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Posted on: 12th Feb 2024

PG25658 Certificate in Fundamentals of Robotics NFQ Level 6 Assignments Ireland

The PG25658 Certificate in Fundamentals of Robotics is a NFQ Level 6 program in Ireland, offering a comprehensive exploration of robotics principles. This minor award course delves into the foundational aspects of robotics, providing students with a solid understanding of key concepts.

Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical assignments, participants acquire the necessary skills to comprehend and engage with the fundamentals of robotics at a Level 6 proficiency on the National Framework of Qualifications.

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Assignment Brief 1:- Determine the types of industrial robot, the function of an industrial robot, how they are deployed within Advanced Manufacturing and how they can be applied across the various manufacturing sectors

In this assignment, you are required to explore and analyze the various types of industrial robots used in advanced manufacturing. Identify their functions and roles within industrial processes.

Explore the deployment of robots in advanced manufacturing, emphasizing integration into production lines. Also, analyze industrial robot applications in sectors like Aerospace, Metal Fabrication, Lifesciences, Plastics, Pharma, Electronics, and Food and Drink. Provide insights into the specific functionalities and benefits that industrial robots bring to each sector.

Assignment Brief 2: Apply the knowledge gained to own manufacturing contexts (for example, Aerospace, Metal Fabrication, Lifesciences, Plastics, Pharma, Electronics and Food and Drink sectors).

Building upon the knowledge acquired in Assignment Brief 1, apply the gained insights to your own manufacturing context. Select a sector—Aerospace, Metal Fabrication, Lifesciences, Plastics, Pharma, Electronics, or Food and Drink—that aligns with your interests or professional background.

Investigate how industrial robots can be effectively utilized in this chosen manufacturing sector. Analyze the potential impact of robotics on efficiency, productivity, and overall manufacturing processes within your selected context.

Assignment Brief 3:- Evaluate the application of industrial robotics, industry specific use cases, business case rationale and technical operation for industrial and mobile robotics in advanced manufacturing.

In this assignment, evaluate the application of industrial robotics in advanced manufacturing, considering industry-specific use cases. Examine the business case for implementing industrial robots, considering cost-effectiveness, increased productivity, and improved quality.

Evaluate the technical aspects of industrial and mobile robotics, including mechanics, programming, and integration with manufacturing technologies. Ensure concise, well-researched responses that demonstrate a deep understanding of industrial robot integration in advanced manufacturing.

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