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Posted on: 11th Feb 2024

PG24814 Certificate in Work-Related Leadership, Teamwork & Change Management NFQ level 9 Assignments Ireland

The PG24814 Certificate is a Work-Related Leadership, Teamwork & Change Management program at NFQ Level 9. This Minor Award focuses on developing skills in leadership, teamwork, and change management within a professional context. Participants will engage in assignments that enhance their ability to lead effectively, 

Collaborate in teams, and navigate organizational change. The program aims to equip individuals with the competencies needed for successful work-related leadership and adaptability in dynamic environments.

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Assignment Brief 1:- Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of the spectrum of specialised theories related to Leadership & Management and critically analysing how these theoretical frameworks are applied in practice.

The assignment brief is asking you to showcase a comprehensive understanding of various specialized theories associated with Leadership and Management. The emphasis is on delving deeply into these theories and critically analyzing how they are practically implemented.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • In-depth Knowledge and Understanding: You are expected to demonstrate a thorough grasp of a wide range of theories related to Leadership and Management. This involves not just knowing the theories at a surface level but having a deep understanding of their principles, concepts, and applications.
  • Spectrum of Specialized Theories: The term “spectrum” suggests a broad range or variety. In this context, it means that you should cover a diverse set of specialized theories. This could include leadership styles, organizational behavior theories, motivational theories, change management theories, and more.
  • Critical Analysis: The brief requires you to critically analyze these theories. This involves not just explaining them but evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, and practical implications. In different organizational contexts, one could illustrate the application or potential application of these theories by discussing real-world examples or case studies.
  • Application in Practice: The primary focus is on understanding how these theories are applied in real-world situations. This could involve discussing successful examples where a particular theory was effectively implemented, or perhaps instances where a theory fell short in achieving its intended outcomes.
  • Use of Theoretical Frameworks: The assignment emphasizes the use of theoretical frameworks. This means employing a structured approach to analyze and discuss the theories. It’s not just about presenting information but organizing it within a theoretical framework that aids understanding and critical evaluation.

In summary, this assignment is asking you to go beyond a basic explanation of Leadership and Management theories. It’s about demonstrating a profound understanding, critically assessing these theories, and showcasing how they are practically applied in the field of Leadership and Management. Remember to support your analysis with relevant examples and evidence.

Assignment Brief 2:-  Develop advanced skills in multi-axial support mechanisms and approaches, robust programme development, and responsive solution formulation critically evaluating the role, function and potential of approaches, models and interventions appropriate to Leadership, Teamwork and Change Management.

Develop Advanced Skills: The assignment requires you to enhance your capabilities in three specific areas:

  • Multi-Axial Support Mechanisms and Approaches: This involves understanding and implementing support mechanisms and approaches from various perspectives or axes. It might include considering multiple factors or dimensions in providing support.
  • Robust Program Development: This involves creating strong and resilient programs. You need to demonstrate the ability to design comprehensive and effective programs, likely related to leadership, teamwork, and change management.
  • Responsive Solution Formulation: You are expected to develop the skill of quickly formulating solutions that are adaptive and responsive to changing circumstances. This could involve addressing challenges in leadership, teamwork, or change management dynamically.

Critical Evaluation: The assignment requires you to critically evaluate the role, function, and potential of different approaches, models, and interventions. This means not only understanding these concepts but also analyzing them with a discerning and evaluative perspective.

Appropriateness to Leadership, Teamwork, and Change Management: The focus here is on ensuring that your approaches, models, and interventions are suitable for the context of leadership, teamwork, and change management. 

In summary, this assignment is about developing advanced skills in support mechanisms, program development, and solution formulation. It emphasizes a critical evaluation of various approaches and models in the context of leadership, teamwork, and change management, ensuring that your interventions are appropriate and effective in these domains.

Assignment Brief 3:- Demonstrate advanced capacity to evaluate, analyse and progress complex engagements through the synthesis of new, novel or evolved skill sets and the appropriate application of evidence-based techniques with emphasis on the translation of informed critical learning to professionally supported practice in Leadership Teamwork & Change Management.

Demonstrate Advanced Capacity: The assignment requires you to showcase an advanced ability in three key areas:

  • Evaluate: You should be adept at critically assessing and judging the effectiveness, strengths, and weaknesses of complex engagements. This might involve analyzing various components and aspects related to leadership, teamwork, and change management.
  • Analyse: You need to demonstrate advanced analytical skills, which involve breaking down complex engagements into their constituent parts and examining them in detail. 
  • Progress Complex Engagements: The assignment expects you to move beyond simple analysis and demonstrate the ability to advance or move forward in intricate and complicated situations. complex engagements related to leadership, teamwork, and change management.

Synthesis of New, Novel, or Evolved Skill Sets: You are required to integrate and combine different skills in innovative ways. This might involve creating new approaches or evolving existing skill sets to address the challenges and opportunities in leadership, teamwork, and change management.

Appropriate Application of Evidence-Based Techniques: The assignment emphasizes using techniques and methodologies that are grounded in evidence and proven to be effective. This could involve applying research-backed strategies and practices to leadership, teamwork, and change management.

Emphasis on the Translation of Informed Critical Learning: Your task is not only to learn and understand but also to translate this knowledge into practical application. The focus is on using informed critical learning to inform your professional practice in leadership, teamwork, and change management.

It requires synthesizing new or evolved skill sets, applying evidence-based techniques, and translating critical learning into professional practice in the context of leadership, teamwork, and change management.

Assignment Brief 4:-Lead colleagues, stakeholders and transdisciplinary teams to build capacity and insight based on inclusive and pluralistic dialogue across the range of engagements to initiate and deliver on-going evidence-informed practice and outcomes for employee/worker welfare in relation to Leadership & Management.

  • Lead Colleagues, Stakeholders, and Transdisciplinary Teams: The assignment requires you to take a leadership role in guiding and directing not only colleagues but also stakeholders and teams that may have members with diverse disciplinary backgrounds (transdisciplinary teams).
  • Build Capacity and Insight: Your task is to enhance the abilities and understanding of your colleagues, stakeholders, and teams. This involves developing their capacities, which could include skills, knowledge, and competencies, and fostering insight, which is a deep and clear understanding of various aspects related to the engagements.
  • Inclusive and Pluralistic Dialogue: The assignment underscores the need for fostering open, inclusive communication, encouraging diverse perspectives for a comprehensive understanding and informed decision-making.
  • Across the Range of Engagements: Your leadership and capacity-building efforts extend across diverse situations, showcasing the versatile application of your skills in various contexts within leadership and management.
  • Initiate and Deliver Ongoing Evidence-Informed Practice and Outcomes: Your responsibility is to initiate and sustain evidence-based practices, utilizing up-to-date information for decision-making, leading to tangible enhancements in employee welfare.
  • For Employee/Worker Welfare in Relation to Leadership & Management: The central goal is to enhance employee well-being through the implementation of practices fostering a healthy and productive work environment in the realm of leadership and management.

In summary, Assignment Brief 4 requires you to take a leadership role in building capacity and insight among diverse groups, fostering inclusive dialogue, and applying evidence-informed practices to enhance employee/worker welfare within the realm of leadership and management.

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