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Posted on: 7th Dec 2022

BIO07027 Bioprocess Engineering Theory Assignment Answer Ireland

In the BIO07027 Bioprocess Engineering Theory module, we will discuss the theory behind bioprocess engineering. We will start by looking at some of the basic principles of cell biology and then move on to discuss fermentation and biochemical reaction engineering. By the end of this module, you should have a good understanding of how cells work and how to design and optimize bioprocesses for the production of various bio-products.

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In this section, we will discuss some tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Explain the business case and overall critical importance for the design of process control systems in bioprocessing.

The design of process control systems in bioprocessing is a critical business need, as it helps to improve product quality and safety, increase efficiency in operations and reduce press turnaround time. Process control systems also allow decision makers to more accurately understand the current state of their biological process, providing detailed analysis of every step and providing greater awareness of any potential bottlenecks.

Well-designed process control systems facilitate smarter business insight such as enabling companies to minimize costs and provide regular performance data for forecasting. Ultimately, robust process control systems help ensure minimal risk, fewer errors, and reduced contamination risks in batch production–allowing for faster delivery times, higher yields, and better pricing for the consumer.

Assignment Task 2: Outline the main control system components including process controllers, actuators, feedback sensors, etc.

A control system is an essential aspect of many industrial and engineering processes and involves an array of components that work together to regulate the desired performance. Key elements include process controllers, which contain logic for decision making, the actuators to convert the commands into physical activity, feedback sensors to measure and provide information about the process state, and other input devices such as switches and manual controls.

All these components are connected via communication networks and interlocks to ensure safe operation. Overall, a control system should be adjustable, reliable, efficient and secure.

Assignment Task 3: Explain the operation of a modern PLC system, how the inputs and outputs are connected to it and how a program is executed from it.

The operation of a modern Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system is based on the transfer and operation of digital signals and tooling. Inputs to the system come from such items as sensors, pushbuttons, switches, or other sources and are connected to the PLC using specialized cables designed for this type of application. These inputs are then read by the PLC and used in coordination with an associated program in order to control any associated outputs.

Outputs from a PLC system could represent motor controls, valve positions, alarms, etc., that can be connected directly to the device being controlled by the PLC. In order to operate, the PLC requires a special program that can be entered through various methods including Ladder logic diagrams written in special software packages or even programs written in a computer language like C++.

Once programmed with appropriate instructions, data transfers between inputs and outputs can be processed according to rules established in the program allowing for the automatic operation of machines and processes that would otherwise need manual control.

Assignment Task 4: Discuss the principal monitoring and control systems in use for biopharmaceutical processes.

Monitoring and controlling biopharmaceutical processes is of utmost importance in the drug development process, as they help ensure that production yields the desired quality and quantity of product. The most common monitoring and control systems used in biopharmaceutical processes are chromatography detection systems, pH systems, conductivity meters, and dissolved oxygen sensors.

These systems provide real time data tracking within the process cycle, ensuring that all conditions stay within the required parameters for successful production. Additionally, automated calibrations can help streamline process optimization as well as minimize manual errors. By utilizing these monitoring and control systems, manufacturers can maximize output efficiency while keeping manufacturing costs manageable.

Assignment Task 5: Explain the role and operation of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems for modern bioprocessing.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are one of the most important aspects of modern bioprocessing. These have become integral tools for a wide range data acquisition, analytics, monitoring and control. SCADA systems use input/output devices, network communication capability and intelligent controllers to collect data from different points in the bioprocessing environment.

This enables remote monitoring and control over processes in a secure and reliable manner. Process variables like temperature, pressure, flow rate and so on can be tracked using the collected data. Based on this information, process parameters can be adjusted as necessary to optimize results while maintaining quality standards across all bioprocessing operations.

As such, SCADA systems are indispensable components of any modern bioprocessing facility.

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