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Posted on: 11th Dec 2022

6N4310 Business Management Assignment Answer Ireland

6N4310 Business Management is a course designed to give students an understanding of the various components involved in managing a business. This course covers topics such as organizational theory, accounting, marketing, and human resources management. Students will explore issues related to the management of people, finance, and the other varied aspects that make up the world of business.

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The following are assignment briefs:

Assignment Brief 1: Explore the role of management within an organization to include planning, organizing, motivating, monitoring, reviewing, and controlling.

Management is responsible for ensuring that an organization operates efficiently and effectively. This includes planning, organizing, motivating, monitoring, reviewing, and controlling the various resources within the organization.

Planning involves setting goals and objectives and developing strategies to achieve these goals. Organizing involves creating a structure for the organization and allocating resources to specific tasks. Motivating involves encouraging employees to work towards the goals of the organization. Monitoring involves tracking progress and ensuring that goals are being met. Reviewing entails assessing results and making necessary adjustments. Controlling involves taking corrective action when necessary to ensure that operations remain on track.

Assignment Brief 2: Examine the difference between management and leadership and the impact of different management and leadership styles on the group and individual performance within an organization.

Management and leadership are two distinct concepts that play essential, yet different roles within an organization. Management entails organizing and administering resources to facilitate the fulfillment of organizational goals, while leadership focuses on motivating others to take action in pursuit of those same goals. Ultimately, these two functions must work in tandem to maximize performance on an individual and group level.

Generally speaking, management styles can be divided into autocratic and democratic, while leadership styles are best categorized as task-oriented or people-oriented. Autocratic management prioritizes top-down hierarchy and blanket decisions, whereas democratic management encourages delegation and collaboration among members.

Task-oriented leaders focus more on efficiency and getting the job done, whereas people-oriented leaders target the growth of team members by emphasizing a supportive atmosphere. All four approaches come with their own benefits and drawbacks; organizations should strive to identify a balance between the two functions that work best for them and utilize a mix of styles accordingly.

Assignment Task 3: Design and procedure for a management process within an organization.

The successful management of an organization depends heavily on clearly defined procedures to ensure maximum efficiency. Establishing these procedures must be done through strategic design to anticipate the obstacles that may arise, which should include studying current practices and potential risks. Depending on the organization, this could involve a wide range of roles and steps in order to achieve desired results.

From setting up quality control systems and compliance protocols to allocating tasks among internal teams, designing a comprehensive methodology will provide guidance while accommodating changes should they become necessary. When this process is properly carried out, it can create a successful transition to productive leadership within an organization.

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