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Posted on: 11th Dec 2022

6N4090 Project Management Assignment Answer Ireland

6N4090 Project Management is designed to equip students with the skills and fundamental knowledge they require to effectively plan, manage, monitor, and control projects. This course provides a multidisciplinary perspective on how to manage projects using tools that enable project analysis and negotiation of solutions that fit within a broader organizational framework.

Students will gain the practical experience needed to understand the scope of a project, version goals, and values, create schedules and develop plans that comprehensively cover all aspects of project execution. This unique management system will give its participants the confidence needed to work in any complex organization while maintaining their own professional development.

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In this section, we will describe some assignment activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Examine the key principles and concepts underpinning project management theory and practice.

Key principles and concepts underpinning project management theory and practice include the following:

  1. Planning: Effective planning is essential to the success of any project. The plan should be clear, concise, and achievable.
  2. Organizing: The project manager must ensure that all necessary resources are available to complete the project successfully.
  3. Staffing: The right team is essential for a successful project. The team should be properly skilled and motivated to achieve the desired results.
  4. Directing: The project manager must provide clear instructions and guidance to team members in order to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.
  5. Controlling: It is essential to monitor progress throughout the life of the project and take corrective action where necessary.
  6. Closing: It is important to properly close a project by ensuring that all deliverables have been completed satisfactorily.

Assignment Activity 2: Investigate a range of approaches to project management to include specific tools and techniques used to plan, cost, and manage a project.

Project management tools and techniques provide professionals the opportunity to maximize their time and resources to complete tasks. Beginning with the planning phase of project execution, cost tracking through software such as an Earned Value Analysis will enable better estimation of financial costs. Utilizing workflow diagrams is a great way to visualize and plan each step of the project’s progress according to available resources, timeline milestones, and budget.

In order to ensure the execution and completion of each step, GANTT charts are often employed to coordinate individual tasks and managers can use command charts as communication vehicles between departments. Of course, all these strategies require effective leadership skills, yet leveraging the right combination of strategies creates an optimized project environment that produces promising outcomes.

Assignment Activity 3: Communicate project management planning operations using a variety of information channels.

Project management planning is significantly enhanced when communication is carried out using a variety of information channels. These channels should be selected carefully, as they are expected to enable stakeholders to stay informed about the progress and results of their teams’ efforts.

A combination of push and pull techniques such as emails, newsletters, webinars, podcasts, and notifications are recommended for optimal success. By covering multiple delivery media it becomes possible to reach audiences with different preferences.

In addition, project leaders will have a much easier time gathering critical feedback from stakeholders by surveying them via various channels on an ongoing basis. With these mechanisms in place, it is possible to generate an effective “communication loop” within the team members that results in increased productivity and satisfaction.

Assignment Activity 4: Examine monitoring and evaluation techniques for a project.

Monitoring and evaluation techniques are an essential part of any meaningful project. By taking the time to analyze the progress of a project, stakeholders are able to identify whether objectives and desired outcomes are being met. Through detailed assessment, any issues that can be addressed throughout the project lifecycle can also be identified, allowing for necessary changes to be made in order to ensure the best possible results for all involved. Furthermore, regular monitoring and evaluations enable stakeholders to track the full impacts made by a project and measure success against expectations. As such, it is vital that appropriate monitoring and evaluation approaches are adopted in order for a project to have optimum effectiveness.

Assignment Activity 5: Apply appropriate controls and evaluation techniques to achieve project aims and objectives.

Ensuring the successful execution of a project requires having in place all of the necessary controls, processes, and evaluation techniques that will enable project aims and objectives to be achieved on time and within budget. Through identifying areas of risk, then forming strategies to reduce them and measuring their effect, assurance can be provided to stakeholders that the objectives are being met according to plan.

Additionally, regular check-ins such as reviews and evaluating performance against pre-defined milestones ensure that issues can be flagged up early enough for corrective action to take place if needed. Creating an effective method for monitoring progress helps ensure that always deliverables arrive at their destinations successfully but also provides a clear roadmap from which future projects can approach success.

Assignment Activity 6: Formulate a project management proposal by establishing a rationale based on valid needs analysis.

When it comes to successful projects, always begin with a set of comprehensive needs analysis goals. Formulating a project management proposal requires an understanding of why and how you want to accomplish a certain task.

Approaching the task proactively with the project’s individual requirements must be outlined and then converted into a collection of criteria that can be measured by your overall project objectives. Once a basis for these objectives has been established, setting up the proposed action needed to meet them can be crafted into an effective project management plan.

Assignment Activity 7: Devise a risk analysis for a project to include the preparation of a contingency plan.

Creating a risk analysis plan and associated contingency plans is an important part of managing any project. A good risk analysis should include brainstorming potential risks, assessing the likelihood and impact of each, and developing plans to prevent or mitigate them.

This can involve creating simulations that involve ‘what-if’ scenarios to identify all the possible areas of risk in terms of cost, timing, and execution. The results should then be fed into a comprehensive contingency plan that can be called upon if any potential risks are realized, minimizing disruption and ensuring the project remains within budget.

Devising such an actualized picture of potentially hazardous outcomes is key for any successful project manager – failure to do so may result in costly and time-consuming mistakes that could have been avoided under proper planning.

Assignment Activity 8: Evaluate the methodology and process of a selected project.

A thorough examination of the methodology and process of a selected project can provide a number of invaluable insights. By closely evaluating both the process and methodology, it is possible to improve efficiency, reduce costs and identify potential problems before they are encountered.

The process should be detailed, assessing each step taken during the execution phase as well as any tasks undertaken prior to the initiation of the project. This evaluation should consider areas such as time management, resource allocation, and communication methods in order to ensure that areas, where improvement is needed, can be identified.

Ultimately, this in-depth examination will result in a greater understanding of the key factors driving successful project completion.

Assignment Activity 9: Utilise financial planning and budget models within the context of managing a project.

Financial planning and budgeting models play an important role in project management. They help to track spending and actual costs over the course of a project, enabling realistic expectations and careful monitoring of resources throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Using these models appropriately can help managers avoid costly mistakes and achieve favorable outcomes from projects in less time and with fewer resources, as well as more accurately predicting deadlines for greater clarity when handling stakeholders. Ultimately, these financial planning and budgeting models can be invaluable to project success.

Assignment Activity 10: Manage a project taking corrective action where necessary to meet agreed goals.

Properly managing a project involves regularly assessing progress and taking corrective action when necessary to ensure that goals are achieved. This can involve analyzing the track record of the team’s performance, modifying processes that have become inefficient over time, and providing additional resources or training in certain areas.

In order for corrective measures to be successful, it is important to focus on identifying root cause issues, promoting a sense of accountability amongst members of the team, ensuring open communication between stakeholders, and maintaining steady momentum towards the agreed objectives. With this approach, teams are far more likely to achieve successful completion of their projects.

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