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Posted on: 12th Dec 2022

6N1948 Team Leadership Assignment Answer Ireland

The 6N1948 Team Leadership program was created to support high-achieving and emerging leaders aiming to find success in their teams. Combining expert instruction, peer networking, and hands-on activities, this program provides an opportunity for students to develop existing leadership skills and cultivate new ones through immersive learning practices.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals of leading a successful team while building their professional network along the way. Overall, the 6N1948 team is dedicated to helping students become exemplary team leaders who foster growth and innovation within their respective organizations.

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In this section, we will provide some assignment briefs. These are:

Assignment Brief 1: Research the elements and stages of team development, including different kinds of teams, a multi-team environment, the characteristics of an effective team and the need for different roles for individuals.

Creating and managing successful teams requires that great care is taken when considering the different elements and stages of team development. From temporary task-oriented teams to permanent working teams, the dynamics of each and how members interact can result in success or friction.

In a multi-team environment, clarity and communication are key for connectedness among teams – the tension between teams needs to be managed carefully. The most effective teams have members with complementary skills who depend on one another, and roles must be established for each individual so that all contributions are maximized.

Through proper research of the elements and stages of team development, multiple persons can come together for collective individual success.

Assignment Brief 2: Evaluate the concepts of leadership and management, different leadership and management styles, and the principal theories that underpin these, to include leadership in different contexts and environments such as mentoring, coaching, project management, the learning organization, and the debate over leadership versus management.

Leadership and management are two fundamentally different aspects of organizational behavior, though when done effectively, they should be complementary. Leadership is instrumental in setting the vision, direction, and motivation for an organization, while effective management of resources helps to ensure these visions become a reality.

The leadership/management dichotomy can manifest itself in a variety of theories and styles, from technically-oriented styles such as bureaucratic processes or laissez-faire arrangements; to human, relations approaches such as mentoring or coaching. Furthermore, the context – whether it be a learning organization through structured training and knowledge-sharing initiatives; or project management – can influence how best to practice leadership and management success.

Ultimately, they are both believed to yield better outcomes when used in tandem and intertwined within organizations, however, debate on the relative importance of each will persist over time.

Assignment Brief 3: Participate in organizational planning and in teamwork planning, including setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound(SMART) objectives, ongoing monitoring of progress, and evaluation.

Effective organizational planning is a valuable asset for any business as it helps define clear, attainable objectives and set milestones to track progress. When participating in organizational planning initiatives, I always strive to create SMART objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

It’s important to have an ongoing process of monitoring progress on the objectives which includes determining what worked well and where areas of improvement are needed. A key component is completing a thorough evaluation at the end of each project to ensure an understanding of successes and lessons learned for future initiatives. All of this helps build strong teamwork that strategically drives meaningful results for the organization.

Assignment Brief 4: Distinguish between organizational strategy, objectives, and goals.

Organizational strategy, objectives, and goals are all important components of successful business operations. While these three concepts are related to one another, there is a differences in their meaning. Organizational strategy is the big-picture plan for achieving long-term success, providing an overall direction for the company. In contrast, objectives define more concretely how and when a company will reach its strategic goals.

Goals provide the most specific and measurable information to guide employee activity: they are the quantifiable targets that must be achieved in order to realize a given objective or strategy. Ultimately, aligning organizational objectives, goals, and strategies will enable organizations to ensure their employees understand how daily activities contribute to larger successes.

Assignment Brief 5: Evaluate a range of current motivation theories and practical strategies to enhance motivation in teams.

Motivation is a key factor in achieving successful team performance and should be a focus of consideration when evaluating the potential success of a given project. There are several existing theories that explore how motivation operates, such as goal-setting theory and self-determination theory, each offering valuable insights into how to effectively motivate employees.

These theories can be used as guidance for managers when implementing motivating strategies, ranging from using rewards and incentives to providing purposeful feedback and encouraging collaboration within teams. Additionally, developing an organizational culture where members feel ownership of tasks and are valued for their input can be enormously beneficial in boosting morale and sustaining motivation in the team over time.

Although different techniques may prove more effective depending on the context, it is clear that implementing thoughtful strategies which emphasize positive reinforcement could help establish conditions conducive to enhanced team performance.

Assignment Brief 6: Demonstrate team leadership, including team building, supporting team members at different stages of team development, motivation strategies, interpersonal communications, time and meeting management, and use of inter- and intra-team reporting structures.

As a team leader, it is my responsibility to ensure that the team is working together efficiently and effectively. To do this, I must be knowledgeable about building, motivating, and managing teams as well as have strong interpersonal communication skills. In terms of team building, I can create a conducive environment for group collaboration through trust-building activities and competency-based assessments.

Additionally, providing opportunities for ongoing training can further bolster effective teamwork within the group. Additionally, I will work to motivate my teammates through positive reinforcement techniques while also monitoring their performance on short-term milestones in order to spur personal growth and achievements.

Lastly, I will exhaustively manage team meetings by setting agendas beforehand as well as encouraging timely updates to stakeholders both inside and outside the group. Through these actions, it is my priority to ensure proper communication channels are established so that a productive atmosphere can be shared by everyone involved.

Assignment Brief 7: Negotiate a plan or project with team members, to include effective delegation of tasks and responsibilities.

When negotiating a plan or project with team members, it is important to ensure that tasks and responsibilities are delegated in an efficient manner. To do this, each team member should be aware of their own strengths, weaknesses, workloads, and time constraints to complete their or assigned tasks.

This allows for a better understanding between the team and a clearer definition of what each person needs to contribute in order to reach the desired outcome. Furthermore, it is essential that everyone pays attention to any potential conflicts between team members so they can be addressed right away and not disrupt the progress of the project. Taking all these steps into account will ensure that the negotiations run smoother and result in a successful plan or project.

Assignment Brief 8: Lead progress on a work plan, including taking corrective action to ensure successful completion of the plan, ongoing monitoring of progress, and evaluation.

Taking the lead on a work plan means taking charge: being accountable for the success, monitoring progress and making corrections along the way. It is important to stay organized and diligent, proactively seeking solutions when issues arise. During the implementation and execution of this plan, it is essential that careful measurement and evaluation take place in order to assess progress.

The ability to step up and stay focused on the successful completion of the work plan is essential for success, as real-time evaluation will identify areas needing attention and allow corrective action to be taken when necessary.

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